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We understand that all entrepreneurs are responsible for driving their businesses to the dreamed succesful destination, with a more effort "hands-on" approach.  However not all drivers are good drivers, and not all drivers are wrickles in the business journey, it depends on challenges one take in this critical times of the economy. However every driver needs to take their businesses to the right direction regardsless of challenges at hand. At BOSS club network, we have the tools for your journey from the scratch such as: Business planning tools, to a day to day operation tools, click here to have access to the tools you may need for your business.

Business Tools

Online network platform

In South Africa business opportunities are plenty, you may be an investor looking for an opportunity to grow your money, or a small business looking forward to grow and looking for investor to sees the opportunity to grow with you. We have the online platform to connect all sorts of adventures for your business goals and achivements, whether you are a : Suppliers, Investors, Business Partners, Executives, Interim, Tranding Advisors  you may get started now and Start connecting.

About us

BOSS club network: it is the Private SME Incubator in South Africa

BOSS club network PTY LTD is a Private & non-governmental  business Incubator which understands that a Company = People or to make it clear we belive that a "Company is the people". The success of a good idea, or a project  is the idea of getting the right people, with the same interests, to work together in getting the business idea or that project to come alive.


BOSS club network PTY LTD: has an online business network platform called BOSS connect, which support businesses in all sectors. It gives business owners & Individuals with innovative ideas, a platform to network in finding common ground and interests towards work together in growing the economy.


BOSS connect: is a private online collaboration platform, with more than 8084 members registered. growing with a trend of 674 new memebers monthly, to join, you have to register to be a member of this networking platform in order to get access to Investors, Distributors, Business Buyers, Team of expect , Suppliers, Business partners etc. We have been operating for two year since 2014, and we are growing with more than 8084 members and more others like you who may be happy to join us..


BOSS club network: Was found by an incredible business coach, who always wanted to make a positive impact in the economy, by helping small businesses become successful, with the aim of cutting all the processes which hold small businesses back, and close the gaps which delay small business growth. We are talking about the coach you may have met and may have heard of Coach Elliot. The business coach who provided 6000 free business coaching hours and more to the SME thoughout South Africa since 2011, with the passion to see success and growth in the SA businesses.



Tailor made Kick Starter programme

Our Kick starter programme: is businesses in a franchise model, which may be started on the get go. Trainning and facilitation is provided for all this programmes. Choose the programme you may have skills of it, to get started it is easy Purchase the kick starter programme today, play by the rules and grow with the programme.

  NB: This is No trial & error...!  At                we've got what it takes to make it happen.
         With ready made: Biz-tools, Online Network-Platform, Kickter programme, Coaching SUPPORT

Coaching SUPPORT (On-line & Off-line)

Coaching Support: is needed for any small or major business. Today the market is very dramatic, don't worry we've got the coaching support to guide you at all times & ready for any challenge arising in the market. Book a coach now .

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...Business Loan available

Get 50K to R1,5M... in 3 Days or Less..!

This programme is designed to take your idea and make it a reality. We will assist in taking you through idea and market validation, and equip you with the right skills in order to build a business around your idea.

(This programme is offered to Youth only)


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This programme is specifically designed for start-ups at corporation stage and companies that have been trading for less than 2 year. We will assist you in navigating the pitfalls of the business, and engage our systems and grow your company to the Coporate field platform. 

This programme is designed for companies that have been trading for more than 2 year and would like to take the business to the next level. A more "hands-on" approach is offered, with a team of expects, Such as dedicated Financial advisors, Tax-consultant, Business coaches etc.

Note: BOSS club network is a Private Business Incubator which has different business programmes in the acceleration of small businesses development and support. BOSS club network does not offer business credit or loans directly. BOSS club network loan programme offers is done through its affiliates and subsidiaries which are divided into two products,which are: (1) a Cash Advance or BOSS Advance and (2) a Small Business Loan. A BOSS Advance is not a loan but it is the purchase of the future credit and/or debit card receivables of the applicant’s business. A BOSS Advance has no maturity date or fixed payments. A small business loan has fixed payments and a maturity date. A BOSS Advance is offered to the BOSS club members only. Small Business Loans are offered strictly by our associates, thus requirements and approval including payments are conclusive between the applicant and the funder. BOSS Advance and small business loans are made to businesses only and not to consumers, and all funds must be used for business purposes only. © 2016 BOSS club Network PTY LTD. All Rights Reserved.