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BOSS Club network Pty Ltd | 106 Johan ave | Dennehof Sandton | Office: 010 0037534

BOSS Club network Pty Ltd   Sandton | Head Office : 010 003 7534  HR Office: 087 135 4860



B.O.S.S Acronmy:


B -Building


S -South African

S -Success

Company Mission

At BOSS Club Pty Ltd our mission is to development & support Innovations/discoveries/brand new ideas through our Prep IPO programme. Our IPO acceleration programme called the "Prep IPO" aims to take any idea broad forth by our BOSS Club members/In house development product or service which will be approved by a our Team Of Expects (TOE's) as an invention/new discovery projects/start-up company, which they will develop it through the Prep IPO programme to be listing in the stock exchange. this mission is to grow the economy and make a positive impact by developing one project at a time.

Develop a support system which may accelerate the SME's to succeed and increase of demand v/s supply of new businesses in the world that need adjustment of technology in the use of the digital space, especially in the African Continent, based on real time market challenges.

  • - Listing of 10 successful Start-up IPO Companies every year, it's what we aim to achieve. 
  • - Creating 5 520 Permanent Employment every year, it's the positive impact we intend to bring forth.
  • - Start-ups of 480 Executive management every year, with the support of hands on Team Of Expects (TOE's), it's our goal.
  • - Production of 120 original African based innovated products and services every year, it's our forecast portfolio outcome. 


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