The em-power is a division of BOSS CLUB NETWORK


The EM-POWER PRODUCTIONS is a full Service Production Company that specialises in publicity. Built on key principles: high

quality standards, competitive prices and a network of local experts that ensuring a smooth production process and a final

product to be proud of.

Our Production is base mainly on the life cycle of entrepreneurship developement and business guidance service. However

we also look on the all-inclusive service provider we serve to best market the local talent in getting the branding of SME to



All of our multi-lingual producers have extensive experience of shooting internationally and work to offer fast, convenient,

and efficient service of the best quality.

The only service production company with complete offices in South Africa, we will take good care of your project from 

 Johannesburg and beat any related completion. We have a plan to combine and cross genre film to target and send the

message to the target audiance at the right time, which has never been done before.

We put our heart and soul into every production.

Em-Power is a division of

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