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What is Bitrix24?



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7,000,000+ organizations chose Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 is one of the rare best collaboration platform, of which most of the organisations prefers, because of the pay per package suitable to their organisational needs, NOT a pay per user option like many collaboration platforms out there... (Imagine a company making employees pay to login their Virtual office..., mmhhmm i thought as much...) Bitrix only let the Organization pay for a suitable package they may afford, while Employees use their "virtual premises" as much as they like, with NO extra charges to employees work from anywhere in the world and may collaborate online through a Cloud/Primese version (own private server). 


Secondly Bitrix unified all the neccessary tools to bring your Organisation perfomance/KPI to your finger tips as the Founder, Investor, Executives board member and Management of all the different departments right before your eyes, with the all in one efficient box of tools such as:


  • CRM,

  • Tasks & Projects, 

  • Communications,

  • Contact Centre,

  • Website builder,

  • Customer service and many more tools for employees and management to use while reports generate the transparency of work flow and Company perfomance, and may be accessed by the authorised individuals just by loging in anywhere in the world.

The Bitrix collaboration software solution is exclusively designed to make work easier for everyone in the Organisations with efficient internal and external resource management and total transparency. 


Your Organisations deserves such vast collaborative approach to make it a better work place where large teams in different locations can communicate effortlessly and BITRIX 24 is the right platform to manage them head on and BOSS Club network Pty Ltd is the number 1 Bitrix Partner in SA to help with the Bitrix Support and services.