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Meet the BOSS club 

Team players

BOSS Club network Pty Ltd it's one of a kind private business Incubator/accelerator, which supports and develop  businesses of different sizes, from a new idea/seed stage to a fully developed growth stage/enterprise.  


B.O.S.S is an acronym which stands for our mission, which is to be:




S-South Africa,

S-Success, through "hands-on" support and extrodinary development service.


We are the only Incubator which takes business "ideas" very serious. started in 2014 by 3 business Coaches who challenged each other to come up with a way to make a positive impact in the economy, by providing more than coaching in the support and development sector. In 2015 BOSS club was registered, the co-founders came-up with a BOSS Club website where business tools were easily accessed, and these three (3) business coaches sacrificed their 12 hours a day, to provide coaching to the BOSS Club members/SMEs' owners daily seeking support.


In 2018 BOSS Club partnered with local private funders to offer R20 million to SMEs under our support, with a condition that dispite the challenges, the business funded will be pay back the loans in one (1) year guaranteed


2018 Goals and Achievements 

               * 25 SMEs were fundend R15 million in total, throught our funding programme. 

              * All the 25 SMEs paid back all the funds in 1 years, under our hands-on support.

              * 2 SMEs refinanced thier businesses and obted for a long term finance.


In 2019 we celebrate 5 years in the business, and for growth to our sector we challenged ourselves to take a business any business idea, and get it listed in the stock exchange in a period of 12 months, through our "IPO prep" programme. we have intiated five (5) BOSS Club divisions, which work together to make this challenging and rigorous programme a success.


South Africa's impact leader & a builder by nature, with unbeatable result  driven charecter business/Sales Coach. Well know for business coaching, for a social response ever seen before, offering more than 6096 recorded free coaching hours to SME through South Africa. 


More than 8 years experience in Business Coaching, 5 years Sales Coaching  experience (Author of the Sales passport), 9 years Sales Executive experience, 5 years CEO experience at Elliot Business Coach. 


BA-Marketing |MMMI Wits-plus| E-MBA Finance Quantic | MMBEC WBS.

Coach Elliot

Co-founder & Chairman  

Chief Business Consultant

        ". . . DO IT FIRST AND DO IT RIGHT . . ."

South Africa's impactful leader & builder who has offered executive & business coaching with more than 20 years of experience in the support service. MD Goba is the founder of MD Goba Education and Coaching is an academic researcher, professional educator, trainer, coach and behavioural change scientist and businessman He has extensive experience in education, lecturing, training and skills development. He is a personal development professional who wants to inspire people to plan and live goal directed lives. While trained in different coaching specialties, he has specific interest in Psychodynamics, Dark Psychology and the Subconscious Mind. He coaches from a psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural perspective. His study of the sub-conscious mind has led him to conclude that we live our lives at the mercy of the subconscious mind & the source of our behavioural challenges & suffering lies below the iceberg.

South African impact leader & a builder, with unbelievable sales track record from all the multifunctional companies combined. sales professional, Pablo Rukayi enjoys over 15 years of involvement in the sales field.


Starting at 16 years old selling Sweets and cookies at secondary back Zimbabwe and graduating to working as a sales representative in South Africa from Estate properties to professional services, he has truly worked in all aspects of the selling world. After working in several field sales jobs in his career, he understands what it takes to be successful in the sales world.


Pablo worked as a sales representative for seven different companies in 18 years. His 2 years with BOSS Club neatwork combined with his various selling roles in his career provided a deep understanding of the sales process from several different perspectives.

In 2019, Campaign BOSS a new BOSS Club division was launched by Pablo and his team to address a deep issue in the SME failure to grow in the SME failure to grow at the early stage, no incubator is running such a programme specializing only in the sales growth of the SMEs.

Coach Goba

Co-founder & Chief of Support (TOE)

        ". . . BUSINESS INTENT . . ."

Coach Muli

Co-founder & Chief Of Sales

        ". . . Writing sales is writing deals,

simply writing your open cheque. . ."

Pablo Rukai

Chief Sales Consultant 

". . . Be Hungry Like a lion, if it runs chase to catch it, not to scare it. . ."

Babalwa Booi

General Administrative Personnel

       " . . . Push it and get it done. . ."

Danny Mokoena

Chief of Finance (Shared service GIBBS)

. . . If they know how to fish, I              

                        Equipt them right handed. . ."

Jim Jay Darlying

Chief of Media & Marketing


He holds the following degrees and professional certificates: B.Ped - Education (Fort Hare), MEd (Ohio, USA), MSc Coaching and Behavioural Change-Cum Laude (Henley Business School, Reading, UK), Professional Certificate in Coaching (Henley Business School, SA), Neuro-Lingusistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner (Henley Business School, SA). Master Career Coach (Career Coaching Academy), Certificate in Life and Business Coaching (University of Johannesburg). He also completed certificate programmes in Corporate Governance at the Wits Business School, Small Business Financial Risk Management at the UNISA School of Business Leadership, RPL Management and Practice at Technikon SA (UNISA) & Community Skills Development at the Institute of International Education (USA).


Coach Goba is the Chief of Support (TOE's shared service) Team of Expect shared sevice division is a division within the BOSS Club network. Team Of Expects consist of different groups of expects from diffrerent fields of service who are whiling to support Entrepreneurs who are approved to be in the "Prep IPO" programme.

South African's Impact leader and a builder, an International recognised sales guru, Sales Coach and a sales Executive. From closing of deals in the UK, to the writing of deals in China.


Landed back in the mother land in 2014. He is well known for: "...write down your open cheque, and follow-up on it...". Coach Muli is been in businesses sales and projects most of his life. Coach Muli Joined BOSS Club in 2015 and build BOSS Club a strong sales portfolio by identifying and selling prospects, maintaining relationships with clients. Identifies business opportunities by identifying prospects and evaluating their position in the industries, researching and analyzing sales options. Sell products by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects, recommending solutions.


Coach Muli has a proven track records of building a revenue stream for corporate and Maintains relationships with clients by providing support, information, and guidance; researching and recommending new opportunities; recommending profit and service improvements. Identifies product improvements or new products by remaining current on industry trends, market activities, and competitors. Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information. Muli’s words are short however his experience in sales speaks in volumes. Muli has 7 years international experience in B2B and B2C in the Insurance, 5 years in the Automobile, 10 years in forex and 9 years in Sales Coaching.


Coach Muli is the Chief of Sales at BOSS Club Incubator Programme ( shared service) also over seas Campaign BOSS New Projects Sales Expantions (New customer aqusition porfolio builder)

South African’s top leader and a builder with diversity in different job titles from different companies getting things done, fast learner and easy going, fun to work with. Babalwa Joined BOSS Club in 2018 as a PA of Coach Elliot and quickly learned to do admiration part time as a part time job.

Babalwa has proven that 5 Company divisions is doable under her watch, on March she got promoted to Office Administrative Personnel to oversee the daily administrative operations of the BOSS Club division including the shared service of BOSS Club office. Her hands-oh focus matured her to fit in the general secretarial duties such as; filing, dictating, records maintenance, typing, word processing, faxing and mail distribution. She also involves developing procedures and policies for office activities, as well as supervising office activities to achieve maximum expense control and productivity.

South African’s impact builder of new start businesses or company growth, evaluate, authorize, or recommend approval of business assets finance, or credit loans. Advise borrowers on financial status and methods of payments.  Collection analysts, loan servicing officers, and loan underwriters. With more than 14 years in the Business Financial.


12 years as a Small business loan officer, served on the intense project of a guaranteed pay back board in 2018 as an appraisal officer. Danny is all about “hand-on” and rigorous in action. Overseas all the budget of all divisions of BOSS Club and draw the new budge of every new project in the IPO programme.

South African's impactful leader & builder who come all the way from the bottom as a camera assistant back in 2005 from the like of Call a crew Agency. Jim has 8 years in the industry, he never forget humble beginnings, as he began his career in advertising in the Music Industry at National Branding as a marketing executive, 3 years later Joined Call a Crew agency for filming as the camera assistant.


He joined BOSS Club in 2018 offering a media platform to help SME with marketing and publication. His team has finally launched the Television production. Jim believes that every business deserves a chance to promote and market their business same way major corporate promotes their brands. Jim is a proud no Award winner however hie is looking forward to making major impact in the economy through Team Power at BOSS club as a division.  


Pablo is the Chief of Sales Consultant at BOSS Club Incubator Programme  reporting to Coach Muli ( Campaign BOSS sales activities) Run the Campaign BOSS New Projects Sales Expantions ( for retension & new customer aqusition porfolio builder)

Administrator in general:

Babalwa is the heart of BOSS Club affairs (from shared service to IPO programme services) she is the Bitrix of BOSS Club and the mother of all divisions and the leader of all leaders.


Danny is the seed planter of every Idea, Project, Start-up IPO etc, his eyes are on every budget (shared service) his heart is on all the success of business intiative. Dont call him Jackpot, call him Zama Zama, the Prokect kick starter.


Snap is Chief of Media and Marketing, a division of BOSS Club Incubator. Presses everything Business, new or old for TV, online from social media, online events to Billboard. The entertainment of business has started, dont be too serious have fun

Pablo Rukai